Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. When is the courthouse open?

 A. 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday

Q. When and where do I get my driver’s license?

 A. Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm at the at the DMV in the Courthouse

Q. Where do I get my marriage license or register to vote?

Q. Who do I contact with questions or concerns of county roads?

 A. Contact your Road District or your Commissioner.

Q. What is a Zoning Permit?

A. A Zoning Permit is issued to construct, alter, expand, or to tear down a building or structure. Madison and Pierce counties do not issue Building Permits.

Q. Can I store an untagged vehicle on my property?

A. Vehicles must have a current license or be stored in a garage or shed.

Where can I get the forms to file for Divorce?

All forms, together with instructions for completing them, may be found at click on Self Help; or you may wish to contact the Legal Aid Society of Nebraska at 1-877-250-2016 or visit their website at

The Clerk of the District Court does not conduct records searches. Our records are open and available to the public and we will direct you to the records to be searched. In addition, for a nominal fee you can access our records on JUSTICE Online at Click on Judicial located on the right side of the page, and then Search for Court Case.

How do I find information about my child support, spousal support, or property settlement payments?

As of December 21, 2001, all payments of child support are paid through the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center. If there is a judgment for spousal support and child support, the spousal support will be paid there also. You may contact them at 1-877-631-9973 or through their website

If your spousal support judgment did NOT contain a child support order, it will be paid through this office. Property settlement payments are also paid through this office. For payment information you may contact us at 402-454-3311 Ext. 140.

How can I make payments due to the Court?

Payment is accepted by check, cash, money order or credit card. In addition, payments can be made online at