Planning Fees

Type of FeeAmount
Zoning Permits:
All agricultural buildings & structures$ 50.00
Buildings, structures, additions & decks <650 sq. ft.$50.00
Non-Ag Accessory Buildings >650 sq. ft.$ 50.00 + $0.02/sq. ft.
Residences and additions >650 sq. ft.$ 50.00 + $0.20/sq. ft.
Temporary Buildings$50.00
Non-Farmstead Agricultural Land Lots Splits$ 65.00
Non-Farmstead Splits$ 65.00
Minor Subdivisions and all other splits$ 65.00
Preliminary Plat$ 65.00/$2.00 Lot
Final Plat$ 65.00/$0.00 Lot
Lot Boundary Change (combination)$50.00
Comprehensive Plan Amendment$130.00
Conditional Use Permit$130.00
Conditional Use Permit for a Dwelling on less than 40 Acres$130.00
Livestock Feeding Operation Conditional Use Permit (matrix)$130.00
Livestock Conditional Use Permit (permit renewal issued prior to 7/2003)$130.00
Site Plan Review (Madison Co. cities only)$100.00
Formal Complaint$ 250.00
Late Fees:
Zoning Permit$ 500.00
Conditional Use Permit$1,000.00
Board of Adjustment:
Map Interpretation$130.00