Madison County Joint Planning Commission

The Joint Planning Commission makes recommendations to the County Board regarding development proposals, zoning changes, livestock feeding operations, etc., after gathering facts at a Public Hearing mandated by the State Enabling Act. The Joint Planning Commission holds public hearings to consider requests relating to conditional use permits, subdivision plats, Zoning Regulations or zoning map amendments, and an assortment of other development and environmental issues. The County Board may or may not follow the Planning Commission’s recommendations.

NameRepresentsResidesTerm EndsPhone
Richard Grant - ChairmanCountyMeadow GroveAug-14402-634-2966
Donald RutjensCountyTildenAug-13402-368-5530
Stan SchapmanTildenTildenAug-13402-368-5906
Steve AblerCountyNorfolkAug-15402-371-0842
Roger Acklie - Vice ChairmanMadisonMadisonAug-13402-454-2190
Joy GriffithMeadow GroveMeadow Grove
Merlin Oswald - SecretaryCountyMadisonAug-14402-454-2876
Merlin MilanderNorfolkNorfolkAug-15402-379-0460
Zach WestermanBattle CreekBattle CreekAug-15402-841-8892