Madison County Planning and Zoning

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1111 Bonita Dr.
Norfolk, NE  68701

The Madison/Pierce County Planning Department was created by an inter-governmental agreement between Madison and Pierce Counties in 2001. The Department is responsible for the development and use of land within the unincorporated areas of Madison and Pierce Counties and the Madison County cities of Battle Creek, Madison, Newman Grove, Tilden, and the Village of Meadow Grove. These responsibilities include zoning of property, subdivision of land into building lots, issuing zoning permits and conducting inspections.

The department also investigates complaints regarding potential zoning violations. Authority to utilize zoning to regulate the development of private property has been delegated to counties, cities, and villages by the Nebraska legislature to provide for the health, safety, and general welfare of the public.

Zoning in Nebraska is based on a Comprehensive Plan drafted and approved by each local government that have or will have adopted zoning regulations.