Japanese Knotweed and Bohemian Knotweed

japanese_knotweed[1]Japanese Knotweed and Bohemian Knotweed
(Fallopia japonica)
Life Span: Perennial Growth
Form: Shrub
Origin: Japan
Seeds, Rhizome

Nebraska’s newest named noxious weed is just beginning to find its way into Southeastern Nebraska around Douglas, Sarpy and Lancaster counties. This perennial shrub, spreads with highly viable seeds and plant parts, quickly forming a monoculture in the infested area.

The reason this plant is considered noxious is:
1. Each plant generates thousands of highly viable seeds.
2. Plant can regenerate from plant parts
3. There are no natural predators for the plant in America.
4. It is aggressive.
5. Negative impact on the environment.

Japanese Knotweed and Bohemian Knotweed is just starting to infestate Nebraska. The goal of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and the Nebraska Weed Control Association is to stop it in its tracks before it can an even bigger threat.

For a more detailed description of Japanese Knotweed and Bohemian Knotweed , check out the Nebraska Weed Control Association Website.